Webinar Recording: Path to Agility Navigator, the #1 Software Tool to Manage Your Agile Transformation

By: Path to Agility | Mar 24, 2022 |

Organizations undertaking Agile transformations often struggle to see the benefits that agility promises. The reasons vary, but most stem from the lack of a process-driven, synchronized approach to Agile transformation efforts across teams, systems, and leadership.

We built Path to Agility Navigator software to solve this problem.

No matter where you are on your transformation journey, you can use Path to Agility Navigator to:

  • Assess where you are today
  • Prioritize and align transformation activities
  • Communicate transformation status across your entire organization

In this webinar recording, David Hawks and Seth Ely share how you can benefit from our thousands of hours of experience leading outcome-oriented Agile transformations with the Path to Agility Navigator software platform

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