Webinar Recording: How to Accelerate Enterprise-wide Agile Adoption by Enhancing Your Scaling Framework

Learn how to use a proven capability model with your scaling framework to boost enterprise-wide delivery

Scaling frameworks provide an implementation roadmap with tools and techniques to introduce agility at higher levels of the organization. Path to Agility is a capability model that helps you to identify, assess, and provide ongoing measurement of components critical to improving at scale. It can also guide you on the areas to prioritize and focus your efforts. Together with a scaling framework, they can provide enterprises with enterprise adoption that gets results.

Watch the webinar recording to learn how Path to Agility can help scale agility by partnering with your chosen scaling framework.

  • Learn how different levels of the organization enhance or impede enterprise delivery
  • Understand key Agile Outcomes at the organizational, system, and team levels that have the biggest impact on flow
  • Dive into Path to Agility’s Agile Capabilities and learn how to interpret them
  • A tool to help measure the current state and gain visibility into the next steps
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