Generate and Track Actions to Lead You to Improvement

Don’t just assess for the sake of taking an assessment. Drive meaningful action by adding tasks to your dashboard during and after assessments so you can easily track your progress.

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Path to Agility is more than just an assessment tool. Assessments only have value when they lead to actions that drive improvement.

Action items can be added both during and after assessments. These action items can help you track the improvements your teams are making and the impediments your teams are facing. 

Screenshot of adding an action item from the prioritization screen.
Navigator's Kanban board to track action items

Action items are visualized on a Kanban board.  Teams can manage their items, and organizations can see patterns across teams. 

The Team Dashboard allows a ScrumMaster, Leader, or Team Coach to see the progress each team is making towards their goals.

A custom dashboard for each team.

You can track metrics for how your agile improvements lead directly to improvements in your business.

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