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Over 50% of Agile transformations fail, costing companies millions. Let’s change that. Achieve true agility with Path to Agility Navigator.
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Path to Agility Navigator helps organizations make sense of Agile Transformations by visualizing the entire process into easily manageable and reportable business outcomes.
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Ready to chart a new course?

With our easy-to-use custom transformation roadmap, you can ensure that your Agile transformation is laser-focused on driving the outcomes that matter most to your organization. Start achieving the results you need today!

Visualize your Agile Transformations like never before

Uncover hidden impediments, track progress, and unearth opportunities with our data-driven visualizations and dynamic dashboards. With Navigator’s capability-based roadmap, you’ll gain a panoramic view of your Agile transformation, making it a breeze to communicate progress to key stakeholders and navigate the intricate path ahead. Experience the power of visualization and take your Agile transformation to new heights!

Level up your Agile assessments!

Unleash impactful stakeholder conversations through continuous assessment, progress tracking, and roadblock identification. Experience a panoramic view of key capabilities and transform the data into a powerful roadmap for action. Maximize your benefits with ease!

Manage your Agile Transformation backlog

After completing an assessment, there will likely be many areas of opportunity to explore. Focus on prioritized action items that directly impact your desired business outcomes and track progress with a built-in Kanban board. 

Learn as you go

Access exclusive Agile resources like templates and videos from leading experts to help you navigate challenges, accelerate the journey, and help you grow as an Agile leader.

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