Path to Agility® Certification Workshop

Learn how to lead an Agile transformation with Path to Agility.

Over 50% of Agile transformations fail to deliver on the benefits of Agile, costing companies millions of dollars, while increasing frustration and churn. Path to Agility is the solution to this growing problem.

Path to Agility helps organizations focus on successfully achieving desired results when undergoing an Agile transformation. Become certified to use the approach in your organization by taking this 1-day workshop.

In the Path to Agility Certification Workshop you will learn how to:

    • Identify common challenges with Agile transformations and how Path to Agility addresses these challenges
    • Explain the advantages of an outcomes-based transformation approach
    • Explain the structure and benefits of Path to Agility
    • Use Path to Agility to create a transformation backlog
    • Apply Path to Agility to guide teams and organizations to be more predictable and reduce cycle time through common adoption patterns

This workshop is for people who are leading change as part of an Agile transformation initiative within their organization (e.g. Leaders, Scrum Masters, team coaches, internal coaches, external coaches, consultants, members of an internal Agile transformation team, change agents, etc.).

This is not an introductory course on Agile concepts, Agile frameworks, or Agile Scaling frameworks. Because of the advanced content in the Certified Path to Agility Practitioner workshop, participants should have previous hands-on experience in applying foundational Agile concepts and implementation frameworks applicable to their organization (Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, etc,).

While it is not required to have any specific certifications, such as CSM, CSPO, or PSM I, attending a foundational course and having some experience implementing Agile would be very beneficial for attendees to understand and apply the concepts as a Certified Path to Agility Practitioner.

An image of the Path to Agility Agile Certification badge

Attendees who complete this workshop will receive:

    • Certification as a Practitioner and license to use Path to Agility
    • Path to Agility Card Deck *
    • Path to Agility Playbook
    • Access to Path to Agility Practitioner Community
    • 6-month access to full features of Path to Agility Navigator
    • Unlimited access to the Path to Agility Content in Navigator

* All attendees will receive access to a virtual Path to Agility deck. Physical card decks will be shipped to attendees within the continental United States.

Upcoming Workshops

Once you complete the Path to Agility Certification Workshop, you can apply to become a Path to Agility Facilitator or Path to Agility Partner. Learn about those programs, here.


Have a group of 10 or more?

If you have a large group of people at your organization who would like to participate in this training, we offer a private workshop option. Contact us at – info@pathtoagility.com.

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