Our Path to Agile Transformation

Path to Agility® is rooted in years of industry experience. We weave that experience into an Agile transformation framework that works for you.

Rooted in Agile

For years, our parent company, Agile Velocity, has accelerated enterprise Agile transformation for mid-size companies to Fortune 500 enterprises. After years of talking to enterprises, we realized that many are struggling with Agile transformation. Few understand what it means, the path they can take and what the net business outcomes look like.

We developed Path to Agility as an objective Agile framework to help enterprises along that path with customizable and measurable business outcomes. Now we’re bringing that same framework to you. A successful Agile transformation includes organizational change frameworks as well as Agile maturity patterns. Path to Agility combines them together.

We are leaders in the Agile transformation space. Now you can make our customizable, outcome-oriented Path to Agility framework work for you.

Ready for Your Last Agile Transformation?

Whether it’s your first or fifth attempt at an Agile transformation, Path to Agility will help you transform your organization with success. Learn how to meet your desired business outcomes.

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