About Path to Agility®

Path to Agility is focused on helping Agile Transformation leaders and coaches manage their organization’s Agile Transformation efforts to achieve measurable business outcomes.

An image of lights representing the chaos of an Agile transformation being managed without Path to Agility Navigator.

Rooted in Agile

For years, Agile Velocity (creators of Path to Agility) has worked with mid-size organizations to Fortune 500 enterprises to accelerate their enterprise Agile Transformations. After years of working with clients, we realized that many were still struggling. Few understood how to measure and report on transformation progress, how to objectively determine what specific actions they should take next and what business outcomes they should focus on. They wanted to reduce their reliance on external coaches and develop internal transformation expertise from within their own ranks.

During these engagements, we refined our Path to Agility outcome-based approach to guide our clients’ Agile Transformation efforts and align them with measurable business outcomes. The Path to Agility approach combines organizational change frameworks with recognized Agile maturity patterns to show our clients where they are on their transformation journey, guide them on the specific actions they need to take next, and communicate the progress of their transformation efforts across the organization.

As our Path to Agility approach gained traction, our customers requested a full-fledged software platform to manage their transformations. After working with our clients for several years, we are excited to release Path to Agility Navigator – One tool to manage your entire Agile Transformation. No matter where you are on your transformation journey, you can use Path to Agility Navigator to assess where you are today, define and measure progress towards your goals, and drive the actions needed to meet specific business outcomes.

We are leaders in the Agile Transformation space. Now you can benefit from our thousands of hours of experience leading outcome-oriented Agile Transformations by using Path to Agility Navigator.

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Discover how to use Path to Agility Navigator to guide and provide visibility into the actions needed to successfully manage an Agile transformation and rapidly deliver measurable business outcomes.

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