Build an Organization That’s Truly Agile

There’s a difference between doing Agile and being agile. Path to Agility Navigator is designed to guide your organization to true agility.

Stop relying on superficial agility

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Most organizations struggle with improving agility within their organization.

With Path to Agility Navigator, we simplify the process. Gain clarity on your current state of agility and easily navigate the actions needed for measurable improvement. 

Achieve real agility by focusing on your organization’s key business outcomes

The 9 Path to Agility Business Outcomes

Understanding why your organization needs to improve helps reveal the first steps to improving agility.

Easily identify the symptoms of superficial agility


Jenny Tarwater and Andy Cleff discuss how to go from doing agile to being agile.

What are the top symptoms of doing agile versus being agile?

  • Only implementing Agile practices vs  focusing on outcomes

    Process without purpose is bureaucracy. Strive to implement the minimal amount of process necessary to achieve your organization's desired outcomes.

  • Not managing the change journey

    You need to apply organizational change management techniques as culture, mindset, and leadership styles are all impacted.

  • Focus is only at the team level

    As your business scales, you need to address systemic challenges and make organizational shifts that impact the entire organization, not just singular teams.

Get on the path to being a truly agile organization.

Understand where you are in your Agile journey

Struggling to make sense of your Agile Transformation?

Easily convert assessment results into actionable, prioritized roadmaps designed to help your business improve where it matters most.

Learn about our assessments.

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Focus on what matters most to your business

Select from 9 Business Outcomes to drive your customized roadmap.

Learn more about business outcomes.

Determine where you can improve your agility

Struggling to make sense of your Agile Transformation?

Leverage Path to Agility capability model to map out dependencies to determine key next steps to prioritize.

Learn about generating Agile insights.

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Navigator's Kanban board to track action items

Analyze your progress

Create buy-in and build trust with intuitive reporting tools designed to show your Agile journey’s progress, successes, and obstacles along the way.

Learn more about tracking progress.

Path to Agility combines Agile adoption patterns and organizational change management strategies to guide your agile improvement journey.  

Learn more about the approach behind Path to Agility Navigator.

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