Enabling Agile Team Performance with Path to Agility

In a previous article, we explored the topic of measuring team health and morale. This article unpacks the links between key agile capabilities and team performance.

Team Performance isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a critical factor in the success of any organization.

Regardless of the business outcome you are seeking – e.g. Productivity, Predictability, Quality, etc., employee engagement is a key enabler of Agile team performance success.

Engaged employees are more satisfied, productive, and committed to their work. To understand the bigger picture of employee engagement and team performance, let’s dive into the Agile Outcomes drivers within the Path to Agility model at each level: Organization, System, and Team.

Employee Engagement Drivers

Organizational Level

Within the organization level, leaders should be working to foster a modern mindset. Their aim is to increase visibility across the board and align everyone around a shared vision, goals, and the ways we measure success for organizational change. Following are the org-level Agile Outcomes that are highly correlated to employee engagement.

Team Empowerment

In Agile organizations, leaders recognize the importance of team-based responsibility and performance. They support team autonomy, foster a culture of continual learning and improvement, and demonstrate Agile leadership. When leaders shift their focus from individual results to team success, it empowers employees and boosts engagement.

Ability to Focus

Agile leaders articulate value, ensure strategic alignment, and sequence work effectively. They allow teams to focus on delivering the highest value work by eliminating unnecessary distractions and promoting a clear vision. This enables employees to work on what truly matters, leading to increased engagement.

Agile Leadership

Agile leadership is about creating an environment where success can thrive. Leaders offer clear vision and goals, guide and develop their teams, remove obstacles, and optimize the end-to-end system. By promoting craftsmanship and high-quality work, they inspire employee engagement and a sense of purpose.

System Level

At the system level, it’s about groups of teams working together in harmony. Systems within high-performing organizations coordinate and collaborate seamlessly to ensure that the flow of value delivery is as smooth and efficient as possible. Following are the Agile Outcomes that make an impact on employee engagement and productivity,

Products Defined

Clearly defined products serve as drivers for organizing the system and teams. When products are well-understood, it becomes easier to align teams with value-driven objectives. This alignment minimizes outside dependencies and tightens the relationship between delivery and customers or stakeholders, enhancing employee engagement.

Value Alignment

Organizing the system of teams around value delivery is crucial. It ensures that work is performed with minimal external dependencies, aligning closely with customer and stakeholder needs. When employees see their contributions directly impacting value, their engagement naturally increases.

Team Level

When it comes the teams, it’s all about embracing new roles and adopting Agile team practices. By enabling the following Agile Outcomes, you’ll boost employee engagement and create a sustainable, predictable rhythm for delivering value.

Team Formed

High-performing teams understand their stakeholders and how their work contributes to larger organizational goals. They have clear agreements on how they collaborate and fulfill team roles. When employees have a strong sense of purpose and alignment with the broader objectives, their engagement flourishes.

Team Ownership

Self-organizing teams that collaboratively take ownership of their work and continuously seek improvement are more likely to be engaged. This sense of ownership empowers team members to make decisions, optimize their processes, and deliver value more effectively, resulting in higher job satisfaction and engagement.

Enabling Team Performance

Enabling team performance is a cornerstone of organizational success. The journey towards Agile leadership, team empowerment, and a culture of clear focus lays the foundation for achieving exceptional results.

When teams are empowered and have a clear focus on delivering value, the entire organization reaps the benefits of enhanced productivity, predictability, and product quality.

Note: This article is the second of a 2-part series on team health and performance. Get the first half, “Measuring Team Health and Morale” here.

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