Get the data you need to help improve team performance

Team assessments offer personalized, data-driven performance insights, empowering your software teams to make informed decisions on how to enhance their performance.

Improve Your Software Teams

Path to Agility offers software teams clear insights into their current status and provides guidance on where to focus their efforts to achieve their improvement goals.

Team Self-Assessments

We believe that the most effective assessment method involves having the individuals responsible for the work self-assess. This approach offers value for two key reasons:

  1. They possess the deepest familiarity with their current state.
  2. They are the ones responsible for implementing the improvements.

In Path to Agility, you can facilitate a team self-assessment through two methods:

  1. A live poll.
  2. An offline survey.

Both methods promote team discussion once you’ve collected the data, fostering consensus-building and ensuring relevant details about the issues impacting your team.

Generate Actionable Team Performance Insights

Once consensus is achieved, you can access your team’s results in the Capability Heatmap and delve into the various capabilities to identify areas where improvement opportunities exist.

Identify Next Steps with the Highest Performance Impact

We encourage your team to choose a target improvement outcome from the nine Business Outcomes in Path to Agility.

Given your desired outcome and current state the Path to Agility engine will generate a recommended backlog for improvement. You can use this to prioritize the areas the team focuses on to improve.

Track Your Team’s Performance Progress

The team can manage their improvement actions to demonstrate progress on their improvement journey.

Team Performance Dashboard

 The Team Dashboard provides one central place to see all the progress of the team: Assessment results, Objective, Improvement Backlog, and Actions.

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