Agile Assessments Proven to Deliver Results

Path to Agility Assessments offer personalized, data-driven insights empowering you to make informed decisions on how to get better.

Agile Maturity Assessments with Path to Agility

We believe that you shouldn’t assess practices (Are you doing retros? Do you have standups? etc.). Instead, you should assess capabilities (Is your team continuously improving?). Path to Agility offers 3 different levels of assessment: team, system (team of teams / ART), and organization.

Organization-level Agile Assessments

How prepared is your organization to meet the challenges of today’s market?

Uncover opportunities your organization’s leadership may be overlooking. Develop alignment around vision, goals, and measurements of success for organizational change.

Assess Capabilities such as:

System-level Agile Assessments

How well are your teams collaborating and contributing to your organization? How much autonomy are your departments providing to your teams to do their best work?

The “system” refers to collections of teams that work to deliver value to your organization.

Assess Capabilities such as:

Team Agile Assessments

Your organization’s success relies squarely on the shoulders of your teams and how well they can deliver.

Examine team dynamics, establish Agile best practices, increase employee engagement, and achieve a scalable and predictable cadence of delivering value.

Assess Capabilities such as:

Assessment Types

Both assessment types allow you to: Debrief, discuss and revote on topics where you have the least consensus first.

1. Live Assessment Survey

Designed to facilitate voting in real time allowing participants and facilitators to drive consensus.

2. Offline Assessment Survey

Facilitators send out a survey ahead of meeting and then facilitate a discussion to finalize the scores. The facilitator is able to monitor progress before a group session.

Ready to take your first assessment?

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