Measure the Impact of your SAFe® Implementation

A SAFe® implementation is a huge undertaking and requires a significant investment of time and money. Measuring your progress to ensure you achieve your goals is essential for success and can often be challenging.

We built Path to Agility® Navigator to solve that challenge.

SAFe provides a clear roadmap to implement key practices for Agile transformation, but you still need a way to measure the impact of that work on your larger business goals.

As a transformation approach, Path to Agility complements scaling frameworks like SAFe

Path to Agility Navigator’s capability-based assessments help tie the SAFe practices you are implementing to specific business outcomes such as speed, predictability, and market responsiveness. Navigator’s features complement the Scaled Agile framework perfectly by guiding and measuring you on the Agile capabilities needed to make the largest influence.

An Outcomes-Driven Approach

Path to Agility is outcome-focused, rather than practice-driven, meaning the approach is focused on building agility, not “doing” Agile things.

The 9 Agile transformation business outcomes you can achieve with Path to Agility

SAFe requires a huge cultural and behavioral shift. It’s easy to focus on what needs changing and lose sight of why it’s necessary and how to embrace the changes needed for transformation.

While SAFe provides practices and systems to implement, Path to Agility Navigator brings focus to the underlying ‘why’ that is driving these changes and helps organizations focus on developing capabilities versus mastering practices.

Capability-based Roadmap

Navigator’s capability-based roadmap provides a holistic view of your transformation based on your business outcomes and uses that to guide you on areas to prioritize action. You can assess your progress towards tangible Agile capabilities.

Visualize Progress

Path to Agility accelerates the success that follows when SAFe practices are implemented correctly. It provides a holistic view of your transformation enabling you to visualize progress at all levels of the transformation:  team, system, and organization levels. It helps identify organizational and systemic impediments while guiding you on which actions you should take at each step of your transformation journey.

Most assessments are significant undertakings that are time-consuming and difficult to perform, only measuring progress on specific Agile practices. Navigator’s assessments are different; they can be performed incrementally and are designed to measure your progress towards the business outcomes that matter to you- not simply the mastery of specific Agile practices.

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