Use Path to Agility® With Your Clients

Coach Agile transformations with Path to Agility

Path to Agility® makes coaches’ jobs easier by providing a common approach Agile leadership teams can rally around and assess progress on. If you are an Agile coach that would like to use Path to Agility in your organization or with your clients, our Facilitator program will enable you to train other Practitioners and our Partner program will allow you to use Path to Agility with multiple organizations.

Path to Agility Facilitator Program

A Path to Agility Facilitator is an experienced transformation coach (internal or external) and trainer who is enabled to train Path to Agility Practitioners. 

Path to Agility Facilitator Benefits: 

  • Conduct private workshops to certify Path to Agility Practitioners
  • Facilitator-level access to community forums, conferences, and working groups
  • Individual Path to Agility Navigator access (1 Org, 1 System, and 1 Team)
  • Quarterly support (Ability to reach out to a Path to Agility Coach for a call to answer questions or get guidance on using or training Path to Agility)


Path to Agility Partner Program

A Path to Agility Partner is an Agile coach or coaching organization licensed to use Path to Agility in their transformation consulting engagements.

Path to Agility Partner Benefits

  • Navigator access for use with your clients
  • The ability to teach public Practitioner courses
  • Listed on the Path to Agility site
  • Path to Agility Navigator reseller

How to become a Path to Agility Partner

Please reach out to support@pathtoagility.com if you are interested in learning more about how to become a partner.

In order to qualify in any of the programs above, you must hold a Path to Agility Practitioner Certification.

If you are already a Certified Path to Agility Practitioner and would like to become a Facilitator or Path to Agility Partner, please email support@pathtoagility.com.

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