Webinar Recording: Trends in Agility, Leadership, and Transformation for 2024

Learn Organizational, Agility, and Transformation Trends To Impact Your 2024…for the better

Many IT organizations are already “Agile” and have implemented Agile ways of working. We’ve even seen Agile begin to take root beyond IT since Scrum was codified in 1995. This webinar will uncover new perspectives, principles, and practices that will help your teams drive toward better business outcomes to help you prepare for whatever 2024 might bring.

Watch the webinar recording to learn the latest Organizational, Agility, and Transformation trends to help you conquer 2024 including:

  • “Old school” ways of working and thinking to leave behind
  • Return-to-Office (RTO) policies
  • AI exploration (enablement, what’s working/not working)
  • Understanding what is holding back your current Agile initiatives and how to get out of the performance slump
  • Discovering what’s new and emerging in Agility, Transformation, and Organizational or Business Agility
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