Path to Agility Navigator: Deliver Transformation Results

Path to Agility Navigator is the first software tool to manage your Agile transformation.

Path to Agility aligns an entire organization using a consistent approach that guides Agile transformation leaders and their teams on specific actions to take at each stage of a transformation journey.

Agile Transformation Focused On Business Outcomes

Organizations undergoing an Agile transformation often struggle to see the benefits agility promises. The reasons vary, but most stem from the lack of a process-driven, synchronized approach to Agile transformation efforts across teams, systems, and leadership. Organizations require a consistent, scalable process to deliver measurable business results from their Agile transformation efforts.

Whether it’s your first transformation or your third, you need to assess where you are, prioritize your next steps and visualize and communicate your progress across all levels of your organization. Regardless of your chosen transformation framework (Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, etc) Path to Agility provides a roadmap to guide your Agile transformation to achieve impactful business outcomes in the shortest time possible. 

Path to Agility Navigator is the first software tool with a proven process to manage Agile transformations.

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The Path to Agility® Platform

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Path to Agility aligns organizations using a consistent, proven approach to guide the actions needed to drive agility.

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Manage and prioritize your entire organization’s transformation activities and communicate status and progress updates to stakeholders.

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Discover how to drive meaningful change using Path to Agility.

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As you drive agility in your organization, you may find yourself in need of additional support. Our Path to Agility Facilitator community can provide coaching to support your organization on its journey.

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Manage Your Agile Transformation With Path to Agility® Navigator

Much more than a simple Agile capability assessment tool (though it does that too!) Path to Agility Navigator provides a platform to manage your entire Agile transformation backlog.

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Evaluate – Answer the question “How we are doing on our Agile transformation journey?” using a proven assessment process

Visualize – Track Agile transformation progress using the Path to Agility Map to correlate current status and progress with your desired business outcome(s)

Analyze – Use advanced web-based features to drill down, read notes, flag impediments, and report transformation progress to stakeholders

Prioritize – Create an ordered transformation backlog to drive transformation progress

Act – Execute work items that maximize impact on business goals and easily update assessment scores as actions are completed

Case Study

Discover How Agile Velocity Used Path to Agility to Help Southwest Airlines become better, faster, and more efficient.

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