The Agile Transformation Framework That Delivers Results

Path to Agility® works by giving enterprises an Agile transformation framework they can customize to their specific business outcomes. Businesses use Path to Agility as a clear roadmap that guides them on their journey to Agile transformation.

Outcome-driven Agile
transformation framework

Path to Agility is a proven, outcome-driven Agile transformation framework designed to help accelerate an organization’s journey toward Agile. It helps organizations achieve specific business results by providing a clear method for identifying issues and resolving core obstacles to success.

You can use Path to Agility no matter the level of your Agile maturity. Path to Agility’s outcomes-based lens helps organizations evaluate where they are on the road to Agile and map out what they should work on next.

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Case Study

Discover How Agile Velocity Used Path to Agility to Help Southwest Airlines Through Their Agile Transformation

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The 5 stages of Agile

Before an organization embarks on the road to Agile, the team uses Path to Agility’s Agile transformation framework to sort through the nine suggested business outcomes. Each organization prioritizes the order of these business outcomes to suit their current needs and goals. Once organizations have laid out their roadmap of outcomes, Path to Agility walks them through the five stages of Agile transformation. They are:

Noteworthy features

Path to Agility is an Agile transformation framework that organizations of all sizes can use to chart and benchmark their progress toward agility. The customer-centric method delivers a number of key features and advantages:

  • Outcome-oriented

    The Agile transformation framework starts with the company. Company objectives are the goalpost and Agile teams work backward from there. This means you’re not simply checking off a list of Agile practices you have implemented, you’re actually measuring the effects of those tasks on specific business results.

  • Granularity

    Through nine key business outcomes, 30 agile outcomes, and 100+ capabilities with over 400 acceptance criteria, businesses and coaches can drill down to a granular level to map the road to a successful transformation.

  • Transparency

    Path to Agility aims to resolve silos and move companies toward a system with fewer barriers to success. This means increased accountability and transparency to all.

  • Standardization

    The Path to Agility Agile transformation framework is a set of 150+ cards that comprehensively maps out a company’s path to Agile transformation. Since everyone is on the same page, the method delivers standardized processes instead of debatable fluff.

  • Tangible recommendations

    If your Agile transformation has not lived up to its promise, or if you're just getting started, Path to Agility's Agile transformation framework churns out objective steps to take next.

  • Ease of access

    Path to Agility is available to both enterprise customers and Agile coaches.

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How This Framework Is Different

Unlike most other frameworks, Path to Agility® is an outcome-centric approach to Agile. Path to Agility® is an Agile transformation framework that is:

  • Clear

  • Accelerated

  • Tailored

  • Culture-Focused

  • Holistic

  • Proven

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