Path to Agility Navigator: one tool to manage your Agile transformation

Path to Agility® Navigator is a software tool designed to assess, measure, and provide visibility into your Agile transformation across the enterprise.

It gives clarity and focus on the actions needed to successfully manage Agile transformations, enables you to prioritize and track progress on those actions, and delivers measurable business outcomes.

Unlike basic assessment tools, Path to Agility Navigator gives more than just a picture of where you are now; it shows you where to go next. It uses a powerful, scalable, outcome-driven approach to manage your entire Agile transformation in one tool.

How does Path to Agility Navigator work?

Path to Agility Navigator process wheel showing the continuous cycle of: Evaluate, Visualize, Analyze, Prioritize, Act.

"Evaluate" simple graphic of a Path to Agility assessment Evaluate the status of your transformation with a consistent assessment process
"Visualize" simple graphic of the Path to Agility map Visualize status with an interactive, data-driven map that correlates Agile practices with business outcomes
"Analyze" Simple graphic of the charts and drill downs in Path to Agility Navigator Analyze transformation efforts with drill-downs and dashboards that deliver actionable insights
"Prioritize" simple graphic of a transformation backlog Prioritize actions you should take to maximize impact on your business goals
"Act" Simple graphic of a Kanban style board Act on tasks that are coordinated in Kanban boards and use connected dashboards to track transformation progress


Agile transformation focused on business outcomes

Path to Agility Navigator focuses on building sustainable agility, not just “doing” Agile things. 

With desired business outcomes as a guiding light, you can evaluate where you are on the road to business agility and map out what to focus on next, no matter where you are in your journey.

The 9 Agile transformation business outcomes you can achieve with Path to Agility

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