Unlocking Innovation Pt. 3: Whole Organizational Agility

By: Path to Agility | Mar 09, 2022 |

“It is hard to fail but worse to never to have tried to succeed” – Teddy Roosevelt

In the third installment of our unlocking innovation series, Path to Agility Facilitator, Erik Cottrell, discusses how failure relates to innovation. Cottrell explores the Path to Agility Agile outcome Whole Org Agility and how the related capability of building an adaptive culture allows organizational agility and innovation to thrive. At the end of the video, Cottrell shares an Experiment Canvas that leaders can use to delegate responsibility and enable individuals to come up with creative solutions for their customers.

For more tips on how to create an organization that fosters innovation, watch part 1 on team empowerment and part 2 on Agile leadership

1:10 defining innovation
4:30 what is whole organizational agility
5:34 what it means to have an adaptive culture
6:50 why failure is good
7:50 how to use an Experiment Canvas to inspire others

Path to Agility is an Agile transformation approach that keeps your Agile transformation focused on desired business outcomes.

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