Upcoming Webinar: The Agile Transformation Management Tool Built to Assess, Measure, and Provide Visibility Into Your Agile Journey

By Path to Agility | Dec 15, 2022 |

Path to Agility Navigator is a software tool designed to assess, measure, and provide visibility into your agile transformation across the enterprise. Built on a powerful, outcome-driven approach, Navigator aligns teams and leadership on the capabilities needed to build impactful, sustainable business agility.

Simple graphic showing the different features and tool windows of Path to Agility Navigator

Join David Hawks and Seth Ely for a free, 45-minute webinar to learn how Path to Agility Navigator enables you to: 

  • Align teams, systems, and organizations with a powerful, outcome-driven process that adjusts to your agile transformation objectives
  • Gain continuous visibility into the entire transformation journey–track progress, uncover details, and identify impediments
  • Communicate and demonstrate progress with key stakeholders using data-driven visualizations, kanban boards, and live dashboards
  • Focus on prioritized action items that directly impact desired business outcomes

Path to Agility Navigator gives more than just a picture of where you are now; it shows you where to go next. This is a great chance to talk directly with our experts about Path to Agility Navigator.

Learn how you can manage your agile transformation and track progress toward desired business outcomes.

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