What’s new with Path to Agility® 2.3

By: Path to Agility | Dec 15, 2020 |

Over 5 years ago, Agile Velocity Coaches locked themselves in a conference room for two days and started developing the concept of Path to Agility®. Fast-forward to 2021, we’ve certified a combined total of more than 100 Facilitators and Practitioners around the world in the Agile transformation framework. As time has gone by, the professional transformation experience we leveraged to build the framework has only gotten stronger and we have had the ability to test and refine the framework with enterprises across various industries.  

Key highlights of the release

    • Refined Agile outcomes and capabilities needed to help Agile teams, systems, and organizations adapt to market needs
    • Refined the relationship between key business results like Speed, Market Responsiveness, and Predictability
    • Added example metrics measures to help you keep your Agile transformation on track and focused on real business results
    • Created virtual card support in Miro
    • Defined enterprise licensing offer for organizations 
    • Built a progress dashboard for Path to Agility Practitioners and Facilitators to measure Agile transformation success
    • Created marketing collateral for the Path to Agility community

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