OCT 2022 Release A: Enhanced Poll Customization and Team Level Work Items

By: Seth Ely | Oct 15, 2022 |

Path to Agility Navigator – OCT 2022 Release A

Hey Path to Agility Friends!

Here is a little video tour of some of our new features.Ā  šŸŽ‰ Feel free to read below for more details…

I. Advanced Poll Filtering: Agile CapabilitiesĀ 

Include only the Agile Capabilities that matter to you.

You might be familiar with the ability we have to restrict the scope of polls based on Stage and Level. Well, the new Advanced Capability Poll Filtering is the next evolution based on feedback directly from our users.

Agile Capability Poll configuration screen
Agile Capability Poll configuration screen


Tailor the list of capabilities assessed based on prioritized Outcomes or just hand-pick the list of Agile Capabilities you are including to increase validity, reduce survey fatigue and connect your assessment efforts to real action.

We would love to have feedback on this first iteration and continue enhancing it to best meet your needsā€“leave a comment below!

II. Team Level Kanban for Work Items

Transparency and accountability for transformation progress at an individual team level.

Work Item assigned to a team
Work Item assigned to a team


Our journey with Navigator started with a focus on Agile Leadership Teams and high-level transformation coaching. A theme we are working on currently is to make the software more accessible for individual teams. As such, we have added the ability for work items to be tied to a particular team, system, or organization within the system.


III. Add Work Items while in a Poll

Discuss and track actions while you poll.

Work items link within a poll
Work items link within a poll

Another popular request.Ā  Adding work items is possible to do from the map, from the assessments, from the progress area, or from the work items area.Ā  It is only logical the next step was to enable this functionality within the poll.

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