Agile transformation management in one tool

Manage your transformation with real, measurable results.

Path to Agility Navigator is an agile transformation management tool that drives the capabilities needed to build impactful and sustainable business agility.

Chart a course for business outcomes that matter

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Align teams, systems, and organizations with a powerful, outcome-driven approach that fits your agile transformation objectives.

Focus on practices that will produce the biggest business impact by identifying the top business outcomes that are driving your transformation efforts and using them to create your custom transformation roadmap.

Visualize your transformation

Animated gif of Path to Agility Navigator's capability map and visualizations


Gain visibility into your entire transformation journey–track progress, uncover details, and identify impediments with data-driven visualizations, kanban boards, and live dashboards.

Navigator’s capability-based roadmap provides a holistic view of your transformation that easily communicates progress to key stakeholders and allows you to plot the path ahead.

Get more from your assessments

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Assess progress towards tangible agile capabilities and drive valuable stakeholder conversations with our agile outcome assessment facilitation tool.

Work quickly and efficiently with teams and leadership to assess the current state of important capabilities and build an actionable roadmap directly from assessment results.

Manage your transformation backlog

Animated gif of Path to Agility Navigator's Kanban style board for managing transformation tasks


Focus on prioritized action items that directly impact desired business outcomes. 

Identify and prioritize action items that directly correlate to your desired business outcomes and track progress towards those outcomes in a Kanban view.

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