Manage your Agile Transformation in One Tool

Path to Agility® Navigator is built on a consistent, outcome-driven process designed to work.

What Path to Agility Navigator Does

Evaluate –  Answer the question “How we are doing on our Agile transformation journey?” using a proven assessment process

Visualize – Track Agile transformation progress using the Path to Agility Map to correlate your current progress with your desired business outcome(s)

AnalyzeUse the advanced drill-downs to add notes, flag impediments, and report on transformation progress to stakeholders

Prioritize – Create an ordered transformation backlog to drive transformation progress

Act – Execute work items that maximize impact on business goals and easily update assessment scores as actions are completed

An image depicting the continuous phases of an Agile transformation - evaluate, visualize, analyze, prioritize, and act


The graphic represents the high-level process that Path to Agility Navigator supports, with accompanying images depicting how these steps are accomplished within the tool.

How Path to Agility Navigator Works

Your coaches (internal or external) and Agile leadership team will use Path to Agility Navigator as the central repository to manage all of your transformation activities. The core of the platform is the Path to Agility Map view, which provides a standardized approach to roll-up all of your assessment data in an always up-to-date map-like view depicting where you are on your transformation journey. The Map View provides clear guidance (a map!) on the steps you should take next to achieve your desired business outcomes. This interactive, visual Map View supports drill-downs to uncover details, denote impediments, track, and enter progress, and makes it easy to populate and prioritize your transformation backlog activities.  

A gif of the features in Path to Agility Navigator that can be used to manage an Agile transformation.

Why Path to Agility Navigator

Path to Agility Navigator helps resolve the most common Agile transformation issues.

Inconsistent Approach
Agile practices are implemented in an ad-hoc manner, teams and coaches are misaligned on key business outcomes and status/progress are measured using inconsistent terminology and metrics

Low visibility into progress and actions
There is no central hub for information, no visibility into impediments and no standardized process to communicate issues, status, and progress to sponsors and stakeholders. 

Absence of Accountability
Adjacent transformation efforts lack coordination across the entire organization, resulting in duplication of efforts, lack of ownership, or struggles over who is accountable for what 

Unknown Impact on Business Outcomes
The Agile transformation is not focused on business outcomes and lacks a direct correlation between actions taken and desired business results.

Path to Agility Graphic with 5 levels and 3 stages

Path to Agility Navigator Benefits

Aligns teams, systems, and organizations using a standardized process that is tuned to your Agile transformation and business objectives

Standardized Approach provides a consistent measure of status across all teams, systems, and organizations

Visibility into Transformation Progress shows where you are today and guides organizations on what actions to take next

Prioritize Action Items by identifying actions that directly correlate with the desired business outcome and tracks these activities through to completion

Framework agnostic process works with any Agile transformation framework and supports kanban, scrum, SAFe or hybrid methodologies 

Unlike simple Agile assessment tools, Path to Agility Navigator manages your entire Agile transformation activities and guides your organization on the actions needed to deliver impactful business outcomes in the shortest time possible.

Path to Agility Navigator Key Features

P2A Map

The Path to Agility map that can be used to manage an Agile transformation.

Visualize Agile transformation progress related to your desired business outcomes.

P2A Assessment

An image of the Agile assessment features in Path to Agility Navigator.

Assess how Agile Capabilities impact your Agile Outcomes.

Transformation Backlog

An image of a transformation backlog in Path to Agility Navigator

Build an Agile transformation management backlog based on the assessment data. 

Path to Agility Navigator Pricing

Path to Agility Navigator’s pricing is based on a monthly subscription model. To learn more about the benefits and pricing structure, please contact us.

*Monthly price requires annual subscription

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