Webinar Recording: How Agile Transformation Coaches Use Path to Agility® to Align, Guide, and Measure Transformation Progress

By: Path to Agility | Sep 30, 2021 |

Path to Agility® is an Agile transformation approach created by Agile coaches for Agile coaches. In this webinar recording, Path to Agility Facilitator Brad Swanson shares how he is using Path to Agility to help a Fortune 500 software product company manage their Agile transformation. Swanson is joined by David Hawks to discuss their experiences using Path to Agility to align, guide, and measure transformation progress.

In this video, Brad Swanson and David Hawks discuss:

  • Benefits of using Path to Agility
  • How a Fortune 500 software product company is using Path to Agility 
  • Agile transformation challenges they are seeing with their clients

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