Measure, Track, Plan, and Improve Organizational Agility Like Never Before

Unlock actionable performance insights tailored to your organization’s unique goals, skill sets, and obstacles in mind.

Business Outcome Driven

A key to improving organizational agility is to have a clear destination. Too often we see organizations incorrectly focus on Agile as the destination. The Path to Agility approach guides you through first defining the business outcome you desire.

Whether you are striving to enhance customer satisfaction or establish a culture of continuous improvement, our Business Outcome map provides you the roadmap to get there.


A key difference in Path to Agility’s assessment approach is inherent in the underlying capability model. We believe that you shouldn’t assess practices (e.g. are you doing retros?, do you have standups?, etc.), but you should assess at the capability level (e.g. is your team continuously improving?). Path to Agility offers 3 different levels of assessment: team, system (team of teams/ ART), and organization. 

Generate Insights

Once you have gathered the data and determined your current state it can be tough to make sense of all the data. This is where the Path to Agility model comes into play to guide you and your teams on key areas to focus given your starting point and desired outcome. Path to Agility will help you determine what areas are blocking improvements and help you map out the path to get the performance gains you want.  

Track Actions and Progress

Keep track of your path to improvement while keeping key stakeholders involved with progress tracking making it easy to measure and manage your team’s progress over time.

Improve Team Performance

Teams are at the core of where work gets done. Path to Agility empowers teams to self-assess their current state and own their improvement journey. Path to Agility will generate a custom improvement backlog for each team driven by their improvement objectives.

Agile Transformation Management

Path to Agility Navigator helps organizations make sense of Agile Transformations by visualizing the entire process into easily manageable and reportable business outcomes. With our easy-to-use custom transformation roadmap, you can ensure that your Agile Transformation is laser-focused on driving the outcomes that matter most to your organization.

Improving Organizational Agility

The ability to continuously improve and adapt is the key to success. At Path to Agility, we understand that improving agility is not a one-time effort but an ongoing journey. Our model equips software teams, systems, and organizations with the tools to embrace change, measure progress, and drive impactful outcomes. With a focus on clarity, measurability, comprehensiveness, and scalability, our model empowers you to unlock your full potential.

Actionable Performance Insights

Path to Agility empowers software teams, systems, and organizations to embark on an improvement journey that unlocks your team’s full potential. With a focus on:

We provide the tool and insights you need to not only navigate change but thrive in it. Explore how our model can help you measure, track, plan, and improve team performance like never before.

Ready to Take Your Team's Performance to New Heights?

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