The Approach For Enterprise Agile Transformation

Path to Agility® is a flexible, non-prescriptive approach that supports and enhances a range of Agile and scaling frameworks by focusing on real business results

Why Do Enterprises Need Path to Agility®?

Organizations understand the need for agility, but when you go about using Agile wrong, transformation fatigue sets in. If any of these scenarios look familiar, it’s time for a new way to implement Agile.

  • Your organization has checked off a list of implementation tasks but the benefits of agility are still elusive
  • Your organization does not have a good handle on the business outcomes it hopes to achieve with Agile
  • Your organization is not "all in" on the need for an Agile transformation
  • Your organization believes that Agile training is enough and does not recognize the full journey needed to successfully execute an Agile transformation

When Do Enterprises Need Path to Agility®?

While there may be a number of Agile frameworks out there, only Path to Agility delivers an outcome-focused method for getting the business results organizations need. Your organization is ready for Path to Agility when:

  • It is recognized that your enterprise has a challenge, problem, or gap at some level and needs a method for introducing change across the company

  • You have change agents with Agile expertise who might be willing to lead the Agile transformation

  • Your organization has tried to implement an Agile transformation on its own and found the process is stalled or is taking way too long

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Ready for Your Last Agile Transformation?

Whether it's your first or fifth attempt at Agile transformation, we promise that with Path to Agility, it will be your last. Learn how we can help you transform your organization with success and meet your business outcomes.

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