The Agile Transformation Approach Coaches Need

Agile coaches are key facilitators in a company’s Agile transformation, and each transformation has its challenges. Path to Agility® gives coaches and consultants a structured, proven, and standardized approach that they can leverage to initiate and guide Agile transformations for organizations—large and small.

Challenges coaches may face

Coaches can positively impact a company’s Agile transformation, providing crucial doses of guidance and strategy when needed. Yet even the best coaches have their own unique challenges in the space:

  • Low credibility

    Enterprises might have been burned in the past by fly-by-night operators who promise Agile transformation but don’t deliver. You need to overcome the credibility hump with an effective strategy to convince organizations that you’re the right person to lead them through the difficult work of an Agile transformation.

  • Outsider status

    Enterprises recognize that Agile is important. But many don’t have the internal expertise needed to effectively guide an Agile transformation team. External Coaches often face resistance from internal stakeholders and teams who are less likely to prioritize Agile-related efforts if the directives come from an “outsider”. You need a structured approach that helps you break through that resistance to quickly and effectively identify their business goals, so you can start speaking the company's language immediately.

  • Transformations that don’t stick

    Precisely because you enter the conversation as an outsider with low credibility, too often the Agile transformations you help shape don’t stick. If you don’t have a comprehensive, systematic Agile transformation approach to align and engage everyone on key business outcomes, and drive shared ownership, the net result may be piecemeal and lack the ineffectiveness needed to be sustainable.

How Path to Agility helps

Path to Agility provides an approach that is proven, based on years of collective experience, to help you successfully guide Agile transformations—purposefully and sustainably. Path to Agility helps because it’s:

  • Reproducible

    No need to start from scratch with a new engagement. You use the same model with every organization you coach and custom fit the specific outcomes and capabilities appropriate for each one. Path to Agility takes the guesswork out of Agile transformations. The success you help deliver with each transformation helps strengthen your credibility and casts a wider net to attract future clients.

  • Holistic

    Path to Agility is designed to include all the key players in the organization and is holistic across all silos. The approach provides a reliable asset that everyone in the organization can see and work with, which increases their confidence in navigating the change and trust in your guidance.

  • Objective

    Path to Agility is an objective Agile transformation approach. There are no subjective standards, no guesswork. You help organizations use it to develop clearly defined business outcomes with clearly-mapped, well-defined capabilities. The model provides a better path forward and a process that allows you to transfer ownership quickly, effectively taking you out of the conversation when appropriate.


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