Unlocking Innovation Pt. 2: Agile Leadership

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In the first video of the series, Erik discussed Team Empowerment. Here, Cottrell discusses Agile Leadership and provides a delegation checklist leaders can use to unlock innovation in their organization.


  • 1:12 Defining innovation
  • 3:52 Key attributes for unlocking innovation
  • 4:57 Defining Agile leadership
  • 6:35 Capabilities that impact Agile leadership
  • 9:45 Delegation checklist

Transformations can be challenging and there is often chaos and resistance when change is introduced. If the initiative is connected to larger business outcomes, there is a better chance that your organization will be able to accelerate through the change curve to an improved status quo.

A screenshot of Path to Agility graphic.

If you are interested in driving towards your organizations’ desired business outcomes, Path to Agility can help.

Stay tuned for the last video of the series where Cottrell will cover whole-org agility.

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