Webinar Recording: The Agile Transformation Management Tool Built to Assess, Measure, and Provide Visibility Into Your Agile Journey

A thumbnail for our webinar on an Agile transformation management tool built to assess, measure, and provide visibility into your agile journey.

It’s easy to feel lost in a transformation journey, whether you’re missing buy-in from stakeholders, have a lack of alignment across the business, or need clarity on why what you’ve tried so far isn’t working. How do you know where to turn next?

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Path to Agility Navigator is a software tool designed to assess, measure, and provide visibility into your Agile Transformation. With its outcome-driven approach, Navigator aligns teams and leadership on the capabilities needed to build impactful, sustainable business agility.

In this webinar recording, David Hawks and Seth Ely share how to:

  • Align teams, systems, and organizations with a powerful, outcome-driven process that adjusts to your Agile Transformation objectives
  • Gain continuous visibility into the entire transformation journey–track progress, uncover details, and identify impediments
  • Communicate and demonstrate progress with key stakeholders using data-driven visualizations, kanban boards, and live dashboards
  • Focus on prioritized action items that directly impact desired business outcomes

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