Path to Agility® Launches Navigator Software Tool

Path to Agility, a leader in Agile transformations focused on helping organizations manage their Agile efforts, announced Path to Agility Navigator, a new software tool to help businesses undergoing transformations better manage their change journey.

Path to Agility Navigator’s approach helps companies navigate the complexity of Agile transformations by creating visibility across organizations and measuring how their actions are impacting overall business goals. The new tool acts as a centralized hub to manage all transformation activities and addresses key challenges organizations face on their Agile journeys: inconsistent approaches, absence of accountability and ownership, low visibility causing impediments to progress, and a lack of correlation between actions and business outcomes.

“A successful Agile transformation has to be actively managed,” said Path to Agility CEO David Hawks. “Navigator was developed to solve the most common Agile transformation challenges using one tool that’s focused on building capabilities across teams, systems, and leadership to reach your desired business outcomes.”

“Organizations have been struggling for too long to achieve their transformation goals, and we’ve learned as an industry that you can’t just throw coaching or training or more assessments at your transformation problems. Navigator steers organizations in the right direction using clear visualizations, assessments, tracking, and an outcome-focused approach,” Hawks added.

Path to Agility Navigator allows for essential visibility into the entire transformation journey – tracking progress, uncovering details, and identifying impediments. Navigator makes it easy to communicate progress to key stakeholders, develop a clear relationship between activities and results, and track prioritized next steps with real-time views across the organization.

“We were struggling to identify and focus on the right priorities, and our transformation management tool options had previously been relegated to spreadsheets and other piecemeal approaches,” said Brian Bernstein, Head of Technology Strategy, Finance, Business Management, and Transformation at Lennar. “Now we’re able to engage teams and stakeholders in assessments that are consistent and paint a clear roadmap of our transformation at all levels of the organization.”

“The tool’s ability to reliably measure, visualize, and communicate the organization’s progress is a game changer,” Bernstein added.

Navigator works with any Agile transformation framework, including Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, and hybrid methodologies. Companies already benefiting from Path to Agility Navigator can be found across many sectors, including insurance, travel, construction, finance, marketing, and technology. For more information about Navigator’s features and capabilities or to schedule a demo, visit

About Path to Agility Navigator

Path to Agility Navigator is a software tool designed to assess, measure, and provide visibility into your Agile transformation. It allows organizations to focus on the right actions to achieve their desired business outcomes by answering the questions: Where are we? Where are we going? What are the right next steps?

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