Livestream Recording: Why You Need More Than An Agile Assessment 

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Agile assessments alone, at best, just tell you where you are compared to other companies or a predefined definition of ‘Agile’. Without a north star to focus the assessment around, the data is not actionable. Path to Agility Navigator helps organizations understand key next steps in their Agile transformation journey, all while maintaining a focus on what’s important: business outcomes.

In this LinkedIn Livestream, Andy Cleff and Seth Ely shared how Path to Agility Navigator can help you identify where to focus based on where you are and what business outcome you want to achieve.

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About the Speakers

Andy Cleff is an experienced and pragmatic Agile practitioner that takes teams beyond “getting” Agile to embracing Agile.

His superpowers include holding multiple perspectives, enabling step changes that bridge current and future states, allowing space for both order and chaos simultaneously, celebrating success, and foremost, putting the people at the top of the priority list.

Path to Agility Senior Product Manager, Seth Ely

Seth Ely is a product leader that specializes in bringing new and innovative products to market. Seth has over 14 years of broad technology experience including consulting for large organizations and being part of several startups. Seth focuses on adding value by delivering solutions that delight customers and solve their pressing business problems. Seth has a consistent track record of delivering data-driven value and working to help companies meet their objectives.

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