Strategies to Enhance Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is crucial for the success and high performance of any team. Empowered with psychological safety, the team can feel it is a safe place for risk-taking and members feel comfortable sharing ideas without fear of being judged or faced with negative consequences if and when they fail. 

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The significance of psychological safety

  • encourages open communication
  • promotes innovation and creativity
  • builds trust and transparency
  • reduces burnout and attrition

Meet the speakers:

Bhavani Krishnan, Enterprise Agile Coach at Agile Velocity

David Pointer, Enterprise Agile Coach at Agile Velocity

Joshua Meriyah, Principal Software Engineer for Path to Agility

Enhancing psychological safety is just one way to create meaningful feedback loops. If you’re interested in identifying other ways to improve team performance, click here to get a demo of Path to Agility Navigator and take the first step toward creating an action plan. 

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