Webinar Recording: An Outcomes-Driven Approach To Agility

Path to Agility Agile Transformation Roadmap

Path to Agility® – a simple yet powerful way to profoundly better outcomes

  • See firsthand how Path to Agility makes sense of Agile transformations
  • Get specific answers to your chronic transformation challenges
  • See potential impediments that have been stealing your momentum
  • Uncover capabilities to accelerate your progress
Path to Agility Graphic with 5 levels and 3 stages

Business leaders have seen enough to believe that agility is the path to better business results. An empirical model that builds in continual improvement and consistent measures? That’s a powerful promise and explains why Agile is attractive. So attractive, in fact, that it’s hard to find a company today that doesn’t claim it’s agile or going agile.

Our experience and research have shown that the vast majority of organizations who take on an Agile transformation will either experience “superficial agility” which usually results in failure and reverting back to old, ineffective behaviors, or “pocket agility,” where some things may improve, but falls short of the true organizational improvements needed to be more resilient. Companies are stuck in transformation with no way out.

This is why we created the Path to Agility — a proven approach designed to help guide organizations through their Agile transformation journey. It helps by providing a clear approach for identifying the capabilities necessary to move forward and the visibility needed to resolve obstacles along the way.

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