New Product Focus in the Path to Agility® 2.4 Model Update

In this video, David Hawks gives a breakdown of what’s new and what’s changed in our recent Path to Agility® 2.4 model update.

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Last month we hosted our latest virtual Mini-Conference, where David Hawks gave a talk on our new Path to Agility 2.4 model update. This breaks down changes and additions to the Path to Agility approach and the rationale behind them. You can watch his full presentation in the video above and get the summary of the changes below.

Why the new version?

Continuous improvement is a core ethos for our Path to Agility team and the community of experts that contributed to building it. We’re always working to ensure the model is up-to-date and responsive to market needs.

This biggest update to the approach is in response to the market shift from ‘project’ to ‘product’ focus, and how the notion of ‘product’ could be stronger in Path to Agility. More businesses today are seeking to build a product organization or product management function. We knew we needed to be able to better assess the capability to manage our products and manage the value chain at the system level. This is why you’ll see additions and re-organization in the System-level Outcomes in Align and Learn, to have a greater ‘product’ focus.

Additionally, we’ve refined some of our language to reduce confusion. We’re moving away from the term “value stream” given other, varying definitions across industry frameworks and using “value delivery system”. We’ve also replaced all instances of “framework” with “approach” to avoid confusion or misunderstandings that Path to Agility can’t work with Agile frameworks like SAFe, Scrum, or Kanban. There are a few other minor updates and refinements listed in the summary below, equally in the name of greater clarity and consistency.

Summary of changes:

  • Re-organized and added to Outcomes for System in Align and Learn to have a greater “Product” focus.
  • Refined Agile Outcome Names
    • Ensure consistent naming for Outcomes that include verbs
  • Refined Agile Outcome Descriptions
    • Ensure descriptions encompass the relevant Agile Capabilities
    • Ensure wording is clear for assessment purposes
  • Refined relationships between Agile Outcomes and Business Outcomes
  • Replaced the term “Framework” with “Approach”
  • Added references and imagery from Path to Agility Navigator including map views
  • Slight update to the coloring of the logo
  • Rebranded the Example Engagement Kick-off Deck
  • Added a new deck for Facilitators to use when pitching Navigator to their clients
  • Updated Path to Agility® & SAFe® compatibility Deck
  • Changed all instances of “P2A” to “Path to Agility”

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