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Agile Transformation Is Easier Than You Think

With Path to Agility Navigator, we streamline the process into simple, repeatable steps to ensure you can start quickly, see immediate results, and iterate to improve.

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Key Benefits of our Path to Agility® Navigator

Real-time Assessments

Easily assess each level of your organization.

Sophisticated Analytics

Use analytics to visualize your Agile Transformation and track progress.

Actionable Roadmaps

Use assessment data to create clear, prioritized action plans that help your organization achieve specific business outcomes.

Framework Agnostic

Navigator is designed to support any Agile framework, boosting your Agile Transformation process regardless of your chosen framework.

Improved Outcomes

Optimize performance across the organization, manage Agile Transformations more efficiently, and get the results your business needs to succeed.

The Costs of Ineffective Agile Implementation

Stay Ahead Of Competitors

Our cutting-edge features keep your methods modern and effective.

Ensure Consistent Improvements

Our software delivers deep insights and analytics, allowing you to make substantial and meaningful changes that tackle organizational challenges head-on.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Maximize efficiency and reduce waste with streamlined workflows and precise tracking tools, ensuring every investment propels you forward.

Boost Morale and Engagement

Clear, communicative tools in our software enhance understanding and alignment across teams, improving satisfaction and decreasing turnover.

Seize Opportunities with Agility

Rapidly adapt to market changes and grab new opportunities with Agile practices that our software helps you seamlessly implement.

Drive Business Outcomes

Strategically focus on critical business outcomes with our Agile management processes, ensuring every step aligns with key organizational goals.

Your Strategic Partner in Agile Transformation Excellence

Path to Agility Navigator is not just a tool — it’s your strategic partner, expertly designed to combat common pitfalls in Agile Transformations. By integrating our software into your process, you gain a dynamic ally that steers you toward enduring organizational improvement and allows your team to improve business outcomes on all levels.

Your Simple Path to Agile Transformation Mastery

Path to Agility is designed to facilitate continuous and ongoing improvement, the more you use it, the better the results. Here’s how we simplify your Agile journey:


Use our straightforward assessment tools to quickly gauge your current Agile capabilities and pinpoint critical areas for enhancement.


The map view and heatmap visualizes assessment data helping users identify patterns and how the organization is trending with regard to achieving Agile outcomes and capabilities.


Features like the Path to Agility Index generate a set of prioritized activities based on assessment data. These are potential action items customized to your organization’s desired business results.


The built-in Kanban board allows Agile Transformation leaders to easily add action items correlated to assessment data.


By acting on the prioritized items, the organization improves proficiency on key capabilities, ultimately translating to improved company performance.

Path to Agility Navigator, created by Agile Velocity, reflects our extensive experience in accelerating enterprise Agile Transformations across a broad spectrum, from mid-size companies to Fortune 500 giants.

This tool was introduced to address common challenges such as measuring progress and identifying actionable next steps, drawing on our track record of success in facilitating significant organizational change.

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