Set Your Agile Transformation up for Success with Path to Agility® Enterprise Licensing

Enable your organization to charter a course and continue their Agile journey with a continued focus on business outcomes.

Path to Agility enterprise licensing provides organizations with a path forward and a way to measure Agile transformation progress along the way. By leveraging this proven Agile transformation approach you will enable your people to lead your Agile transformation with confidence and achieve your organizations’ desired business outcomes.

Organizations Undergoing an Agile Transformation Often

  • Lack visibility of transformation progress being made across the organization
  • Do not know what metrics to use to gauge transformation success
  • Can’t directly see real business value resulting from your transformation efforts
  • Need clarity on what steps should be prioritized to support and accelerate change

Path to Agility enterprise licensing will combat these challenges by giving your team access to the repeatable approach agility experts created based on their real-life Agile transformation experience. 

Path to Agility enterprise licensing includes:

    • Use of Path to Agility by change leaders across your organization (up to the limit authorized in the license agreement)
    • Ability to upload Path to Agility artifacts into organizational repositories (digital boards, file systems, SDLC tools)
    • Access to and usage of Path to Agility virtual cards
    • Discount on purchases of full sets of physical Path to Agility cards
    • Access to and usage of Path to Agility digital presentations and playbooks
    • A perpetual license to use Path to Agility. After the initial term or renewal term expires, the organization will be able to continue using the version of Path to Agility that they have access to.
    • Access to upgrades while licensing term is active

Pricing for an enterprise license is based on the total number of people utilizing the Path to Agility framework. With an enterprise license, organizations have access to the framework and can distribute to their teams in accordance with the transformation strategy.


 Inquire about Path to Agility Enterprise Licensing to assess your current state and determine your next steps

We recommend for organizations with a Path to Agility license to also have a licensed Practitioner and or Facilitator with the knowledge and experience to use the framework.

Enterprise Licensing vs. Individual Training 

  • Licensing is tied to the organization, not to specific individuals
  • Path to Agility artifacts can be loaded into and tracked by organizational systems of record
  • Perpetual license (with restrictions)

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