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An Outcome-Based Agile Transformation Framework

Businesses need to know they can achieve the results they want, when they want.

While many Agile frameworks out there address fundamental processes and practices, there’s a disconnect between these and the business outcomes they desire. Think profit, innovation, or increased quality.

This leads to a lot of money wasted on expensive transformations that only provide Agile processes without the promised benefits to the overall business. 

Our solution to this growing problem is the Path to Agility®, a proven Agile transformation framework designed to focus an organization’s Agile implementation on achieving specific business results while providing a clear method for identifying and resolving core issues and blockers to success.

What is the Path to Agility®?

Path to Agility Business Outcomes

Where do you start? 

Business Outcomes

The business results needed by organizations to accelerate agility and succeed in the modern world. We’ve identified 9 common business outcomes. Customize your Agile transformation strategy by prioritizing these business outcomes to suit the needs of your business.

Path to Agility Agile Outcomes

What’s needed to deliver business outcomes?

Agility Outcomes

The organizational functions and abilities that come as a result of developing fundamental capabilities within an organization. When agility outcomes are achieved, they then become the building blocks for our 9 key business outcomes.

Path to Agility Organizational Capabilities

How can you be sure you have achieved these agility outcomes?

Organizational Capabilities

The foundational behavioral or technical practices that, once in place, will lead to the development of agility outcomes, which in turn will help to produce desired business outcomes. 

5 stages of the path to agility transformation framework

What does this really look like in practice? 

Stages of the Path to Agility®

To help organizations assess where they are on the Path to Agility® and prioritize clear next steps, we’ve divided the Agile transformation process into 5 stages: Align, Learn, Predict, Accelerate, and Adapt.

Path to Agility - Levels of the Busniess

Who should be involved?

Levels of Transformation

An Agile transformation involves the entire organization--unfortunately, many fall into the trap of only working at the team level. For an organization to work, it needs to be firing at all levels, on all cylinders, in the same direction. Ensure the organization is ready by involving all 3 levels: Organization, System, and Team.

Path to Agility® for Businesses

Providing an organization with a shared business focus, clear next steps for their Agile transformation, and the ability to measure progress along the way.

Your business's Path to Agility® subscription includes...

Path to Agility Card Set

Physical Card Set

Guide teams and leaders using hands-on prioritization and progress tracking exercises.

Coaching & Leadership Cohort

Coach Cohort & Leadership Cohort

Designate representatives to join a cohort of individuals from companies going through transformations just like you. Discuss challenges, network with others, and learn from shared experiences.

Online Community

Ask questions, learn from others, and receive guidance from Path to Agility® Facilitators and experienced Agile coaches.

Path to agility assessment tool icon

Assessment Tool

Evaluate where your organization stands today and identify opportunities for improvement.


Attend virtual workshops where experienced Agile coaches dive into a set of outcomes every couple of weeks to help guide your team of coaches and leaders.

path to agility free  upgrades icon

Free Upgrades

Access updates to the Path to Agility® as soon as they’re released.

Need More?

Need more guidance in your transformation? Explore our other Agile transformation service offers, including transformation kick-off events, onsite Agile training and workshops, and coaching from our team of Agile experts.

Path to Agility® for Facilitators

The Path to Agility® helps Agile coaches organize, prioritize, and visualize a client’s Agile transformation while also providing tools for communication and assessment within the organization. This means transformations runs smoother for everyone involved: coaches, teams, and leaders alike.

To learn more about how you can begin using the Path to Agility® framework onsite with your own clients, contact us or register for an upcoming Path to Agility® workshop. 

Learn More

Whether you’re looking for a pragmatic way to implement Agile in your organization or you’d like to use the Path to Agility® to further guide your clients on their Agile journey, this framework is proven to deliver results fast.

Contact us to learn more about the Path to Agility®.